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Your Financial Pharmacist

Aug 31, 2017

Episode 010 Podcast Show Notes What You’ll Learn From This Episode In Episode 010 of the Your Financial Pharmacist Podcast, we take our very first question on the Ask Tim & Tim segment of the show.

Leighanne from Pennsylvania asks a question about whole life insurance as a strategy for building wealth and saving for college. Here is Leighanne's question:

What do you think about whole life insurance adding to our financial portfolio as a way to build capital and save for the kids' college?  Submit Your Question Now that we have our first episode of the Ask Tim & Tim segment under our belt, we are itching to do some more.

Head on over to and half-way down the home page you will see an 'Ask Tim & Tim' section to record your question. Join the YFP Community Go to and subscribe to join a community of likeminded pharmacists and student pharmacists committed to achieving financial freedom. You can also follow Your Financial Pharmacist on Facebook and Twitter.