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Your Financial Pharmacist

Jan 4, 2018

On Episode 28 of the Your Financial Pharmacist Podcast, we discuss the dreaded, yet all important, “B word”....budgeting.

With a New Year comes the opportunity to get a fresh start on setting a budget that will help you achieve your financial goals. In this episode, we cover why having a budget is key to your long-term financial success, why so many people fail with keeping a budget, various budgeting strategies, and tools that can help you execute your monthly budget.

Episodes 28 Giveaway

Along with this episode, we are providing a YFP step-by-step spending plan (budget) template that will put you on the path to putting purpose to your spending each month.

This YFP spending plan Excel template is ready to go with formulas that will allow you to easily create a zero-based budget.

Get your FREE spending plan template at

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