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Your Financial Pharmacist

Mar 1, 2018

On Episode 37 of the Your Financial Pharmacist Podcast, we spotlight a new practitioner leader, Drew Register, who serves as the Associate Director of Membership Engagement and Communications with the American Pharmacists Association. The team at YFP is excited to be partnering up with APhA to provide financial education services that are designed to help its’ members achieve financial freedom. On this episode, we ask Drew about his successes and challenges transitioning from student to new practitioner and what the APhA-YFP partnership has planned for 2018.

About Our Guest

Drew Register received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree in May of 2016 from the University of Louisiana at Monroe School of Pharmacy. He completed an Executive Residency in Association Management & Leadership at the American Pharmacists Association Foundation and currently serves as the Associate Director of Membership Engagement and Communications at APhA. He is a passionate and driven leader aiming to impact and shape the future of the profession of pharmacy through his career. His strengths and interests include drafting and editing publications, organizational leadership, public relations/communications, pharmacy advocacy, and developing innovative tools for patient outreach.

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