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Your Financial Pharmacist

Dec 23, 2021

Josh and Shannon Pukl discuss their journey towards achieving financial independence and the strategies they have employed along the way.

Key Points From This Episode

  • Shannon and Josh start us off by sharing why each of them got into pharmacy.
  • Shannon runs us through her post-school debt and shares gratitude that it wasn’t higher.
  • Josh expresses relief for the financial support provided by his parent’s foresight. 
  • Where they worked after graduation; and a smart move that worked out well!
  • How Josh found out about financial freedom by accident and how he got to his ‘why’.
  • Shannon shares her history with cancer and the hugely expensive treatment costs. 
  • How the financial strain created a motivation towards achieving financial independence.
  • Josh explains how his faith played a big part in keeping a positive mindset. 
  • Learning the valuable lesson that money isn’t the most important thing; time and joy are. 
  • Paying off her student loans as quickly as possible from the moment they came due. 
  • Top tips and lifestyle changes that the Pukl’s advise for financial independence!
  • Setting up their passive income and the importance of having different income streams.
  • Shannon talks us through their work with universities around healthcare leadership.
  • Your Breast Life; Shannon’s blog to help and support women going through a similar journey.
  • Getting her real estate license and considering potential investment opportunities. 
  • Hear about the ways that Shannon and Josh balance each other out in everyday life. 
  • Living in a bull market and evaluating where you want to be when the downturn hits.
  • Josh casts a vision for their future in growing leadership in pharmacy.
  • The Pukl’s each share some parting advice you definitely want to hear!

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