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Your Financial Pharmacist

Apr 13, 2024

Dr. Ayush Gupta, founder of MD House Hacking, shares his journey into real estate investing and how it has helped him pursue financial independence.


In this episode of the podcast, hosts Nate Hedrick and David Bright welcome Dr. Ayush Gupta, a pediatric emergency room physician and seasoned real estate investor and founder of MD House Hacking.

After witnessing his colleagues lose their jobs and investments during the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Gupta felt prompted to explore other income opportunities, specifically in real estate investing. Dr. Gupta illuminates the concept of "house hacking" and its financial benefits, drawing from his own experience of purchasing a four-unit building with a minimal down payment and renovating it for profit.

Dr. Gupta shares his journey of acquiring multiple properties, including invaluable tips for negotiating with contractors, finding and financing deals, scaling investments and navigating market conditions.

About Today's Guest

Dr. Ayush Gupta, is a Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physician. He was born and raised in India. He moved to the US in 2012 to complete his Residency and Fellowship. Soon after Fellowship, he moved to New Orleans where he works Full time in the emergency department. But he isn't your average doctor. Witnessing COVID burnout, he started investing in real estate through househacking, living rent-free while empowering other healthcare heroes with house hacking and financial freedom tools. Now, he shatters the "just a doctor" label, advocating for multiple income streams and crafting an identity beyond medicine.

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