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Your Financial Pharmacist

Nov 20, 2021

Nate Hedrick and David Bright take a deep dive on leveraging your money through a mortgage.

Key Points From This Episode

  • Nate updates us on his great rental in Cleveland.
  • Trying to predict what to expect for 2022.
  • Reaching out to listeners; tell us what you want our next webinar to be about!
  • How risky it feels to borrow money if you've been in student loan debt before.
  • Diving deeper into our topic for today: leveraging your money through mortgages.
  • Getting into some common FAQs on shopping for loans.
  • We do the math to break down the potential financial risks of different scenarios.
  • What the short and long-term risks are if the market shifts downwards. 
  • The costs of selling a house that's had a big level of value increase, and the value of looking at it from a percentage basis.
  • Proving how leveraging lowers the barrier to entry in real estate investing. 
  • How real estate is just not as liquid as other types of investing.
  • Setting up your mortgage, balloon payments, property managers, and more!
  • Diversifying to manage risk, and using the stock market as a great analogy.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode