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Your Financial Pharmacist

Apr 23, 2022

Todd Strumpfer, a senior account executive at Cost Segregation Services, Inc., discusses depreciation, its importance in real estate investing, and why pharmacist real estate investors should consider cost segregation services for their properties.

Key Points From This Episode

  • Welcome to Todd Strumpfer, senior account executive at Cost Segregation Services, Inc.
  • What depreciation is from a tax standpoint, and how it differs from the property dropping in value.
  • Breaking down the lump depreciation value into individual costs. 
  • Why cost segregation is beneficial to owners in the short term.
  • How tax cuts accelerate depreciation further. 
  • Why the state of a property when bought doesn’t affect the tax benefits. 
  • The common mistakes and misunderstandings Todd sees in this field.
  • The relationships between CPAs and tax planners, and how they differ. 
  • Todd’s suggestions on how to optimize your tax situation: why vacation properties are so beneficial.

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