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Your Financial Pharmacist

May 28, 2022

Tony Guerra, MHCI, PharmD discusses how he has built his real estate investment portfolio and how he is using those investments to build generational wealth. 

Key Points From This Episode

  • Tony’s professional background as a pharmacist.
  • What motivated Tony to begin investing in real estate.
  • Learn the value of intergenerational wealth and knowledge.
  • What Tony’s approach ultimately aims to achieve through finance and investing.
  • A brief rundown of Tony’s real estate investment background and his current portfolio.
  • Tony shares his approaches to finance and real estate investing.
  • The benefits of fewer and in-demand properties: financial reassurance.
  • Why it is essential to get advice when deciding on a real estate investment.
  • How Tony approaches managing his properties from day to day.
  • The benefits of having handy tenants.
  • When Tony thinks it is the best time to start investing in real estate.
  • What qualities he thinks an experienced real estate agent should have.
  • Tony shares how his love for running helps him decide on real estate investments.
  • Some tips and advice for people interested in purchasing real estate.
  • Outline of Tony’s strategy to combine his pharmacy and real estate experience.
  • A resource that he has found the most useful in his real estate journey.

Links Mentioned on Today’s Episode