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Your Financial Pharmacist

Jun 25, 2022

Nate Hedrick, PharmD, and David Bright, PharmD, MBA, BCACP, FAPhA, FCCP, your YFP Real Estate Investing Podcast hosts, unpack the process of purchasing real estate remotely.

Key Points From This Episode

  • A quick recap of Nate’s current property dilemma: Flip or rent. 
  • The different processes of purchasing a rental property versus a primary residence.
  • How to act quickly on a property that is outside your market. 
  • What the realtor experiences when trying to assist investor clients from other markets. 
  • How to buy a house without going inside it. 
  • Three key topics of conversation: people, criteria, and making the offer. 
  • Who the right people are to walk a property on your behalf. 
  • Why a realtor is the perfect fit. 
  • Inspectors and contractors as costly second options.   
  • The advantages of letting the pros do it. 
  • How to thoroughly vet a property, and what to look out for.
  • What an inspection contingency is and why it’s smart to include one in your offer. 
  • Other contingencies such as appraisal/verification contingency. 
  • Estoppel agreements and other important documents. 
  • The importance of doing background work before purchasing a property. 
  • Why you should have a conversation with your realtor before making an offer.

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