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Your Financial Pharmacist

Aug 24, 2017

Episode 009 Podcast Show Notes

What You’ll Learn From This Episode

In Episode 009, we launch the very first Debt Free Theme Hour on the Your Financial Pharmacist Podcast. We interview Carrie Carlton, PharmD to discuss her journey of investing in real estate and how that helped her pay off $135,000 in student loans and be well on her way to achieve financial freedom. 

Featured on the Show

About Today's Guest

Carrie Carlton, PharmD is a 2011 graduate of the University of Tennessee and currently works in the long-term care setting. Since graduating, she has managed to pay off $135,000 in student loans and acquire 18 rental properties. 

Episode 009 Special Giveaway

Two lucky listeners of the Your Financial Pharmacist Podcast will be randomly selected to receive a real estate investing book that comes recommended by today's guest, Carrie Carlton.

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