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Your Financial Pharmacist

Oct 5, 2017

On Episode 015 of the Your Financial Pharmacist Podcast, we kick off a 3-part series exploring the good, bad and ugly of the financial planning industry by interviewing the owner of Script Financial and YFP team member,  Tim Baker, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER. Episode 015 Special Giveaway Along with this three-part series, the team at YFP has prepared an awesome giveaway that will give you the “Nuts & Bolts to Hiring a Financial Planner”. Head on over to to get your copy today! In this giveaway, we cover:

  • the benefits of hiring a financial planner;
  • the different types of financial planners;
  • how financial planners get paid;
  • questions to ask when hiring a financial planner;
  • how to find a trustworthy financial planner
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