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Your Financial Pharmacist

Nov 25, 2021

Rosie Chhun talks about how her side hustle turned main hustle afforded her the ability to pay off $180k in student loans. 

Key Points From This Episode

  • Hear about Rosie's roots as a pharmacy technician and her journey in pharmacy school.
  • Having to re-evaluate how she was moving forward and paying off her $180,000 debt.
  • How paying the minimum hardly touched the interest accruing every month.
  • How Rosie's love of calligraphy intersected with starting a business to pay off her debt.
  • What galvanized her to take action and become financially literate.
  • Reinvesting back into her business every time things were going well!
  • Arriving at her successful business model with virtually no overhead costs.
  • Just getting started, and continuing to learn and evolve as things go on.
  • The two different pillars that make up Rosie’s business: live events and coaching!
  • The gradual transition from an expensive hobby to a flourishing business.
  • How the stress and burnout of the pandemic was the final motivator to leave pharmacy and commit to full-time entrepreneurship.
  • Developing resiliency and not being afraid to take calculated risks.
  • Intentionally growing as the demand increases and getting a supportive team.

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