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Your Financial Pharmacist

Apr 21, 2022

Emlah Tubuo, the owner and pharmacist in charge at Powell Pharmacy & founder of Emlah Naturals, a pharmaceutical-grade supplement line, shares why she decided to start her own business, the challenges she has had to overcome in starting and running a business, and how she defines personal and professional success.

Key Points From This Episode

  •  Emlah’s professional background and training.
  •  How Emlah was able to study abroad to further her career.
  •  The first job Emlah had after graduating and what her role was.
  •  Highlights of Emlah’s approach to pharmacy and health care.
  •  What motivated Emlah to start her own business.
  •  The first steps Emlah took when starting her business.
  •  Tim and Emlah discuss when the best time is to start a business.
  •  The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the business and lessons learned.
  •  How Emlah keeps motivated to do her best every day.
  •  We find out more about Emlah’s new business, Emlah Naturals.
  •  Why people should implement lifestyle changes along with taking medication.
  •  What Emlah’s definition of success is, both personally and professionally.

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