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Your Financial Pharmacist

Oct 28, 2023

Loan officer Jack Bowers (NMLS# 1957264) joins the show to talk about the evolving lending landscape and changes in house hacking investing.

Episode Summary

As we near the end of 2023 and anticipate 2024, the lending landscape is undergoing significant changes. Conventional mortgage underwriting guidelines are evolving,...

Oct 26, 2023

On this episode, Jackie Boyle, PharmD, MBA and Paul Boyle share their journey paying off $208k of student loans. 


Debt can be an overwhelming weight on one's shoulders, but imagine paying off an astounding $208,000 of it! This week on the podcast, we are joined by the inspirational duo, Jackie and Paul Boyle....

Oct 19, 2023

On this episode, sponsored by FirstHorizon, Brenna Roth, MD, MPH, shares her journey having over $550k of student loans forgiven tax-free via PSLF.


Are student loan forgiveness programs a beacon of hope for graduates drowning in debt? Joining us this week is Brenna Roth, MD, MPH; a physician who achieved an...

Oct 12, 2023

On this week’s podcast, sponsored by APhA, Certified Insurance Counselor, Insurance Agent, and Medicare Specialist, Josh Workman, joins the show to cover Medicare 101 and considerations for selecting your Medicare coverage plan.


Many people (including pharmacists!) aren’t fully informed about Medicare, the...

Oct 7, 2023

Co-hosts David and Nate take a look at how you can accurately calculate your cash-on-cash returns and returns on equity given the current market conditions.

Episode Summary

The global pandemic has led to massive shifts in the real estate investing market. So today, co-hosts David and Nate take a look at how you...