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Your Financial Pharmacist

Feb 22, 2018

On this episode of the Your Financial Pharmacist podcast, we finish our month long focus on how couples work together on their finances.

In Episode 36, we speak with Andria and Tim Church who share their story about how they first met and how their approach to their finances evolved over the course of their relationship.  Andria and Tim share their wins and their struggles and impart valuable advice to other pharmacists and couples that are working together on their finances.

Featured on the Show

  • How Tim Church used Andria’s interest in primary care to court her
  • The Church’s struggle with budgeting, combining finances
  • Their “gazelle intensity” towards their student loans enroute to payoff and acquiring the Church family cat
  • How being budgeting, being frugal, side jobs and student loan refinance helped along the way
  • Advice to other couples
    • Live like a student for a few more years
    • Know what your goals are
    • Educate yourself on personal finance
    • Don’t take out more loans that you need
    • “It’s our’s our debt.”