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Your Financial Pharmacist

Jun 24, 2023


Venturing into real estate is often a carefully formulated plan backed by a healthy savings account. But as today’s guest has proven through his real estate journey, sometimes it’s best to jump straight in with both feet! Khoa Nguyen is a pharmacist and real estate investor from Vietnam who has now settled in Oklahoma City as the Founder, CEO, and Managing Partner of KNN Capital Partners. After catching the real estate bug in college, Khoa describes his first deal and what he learned from the experience. We learn how and why he pivoted to multifamily, the benefits of investing in multifamily that can’t be found in single-family, where and how to find multifamily deals, and Khoa’s method for evaluating the best multifamily deals. We also discuss the ins and outs of syndication, the roles of a general partner versus a limited partner, what’s important when vetting different syndicators, and how interest rates affect property evaluations.

About Today's Guest

Khoa Nguyen, PharmD founded KNN Capital Partners based in Oklahoma focusing on Multifamily acquisitions and investor relations. With a strong background in leadership and analyzing numbers, Khoa excels at underwriting deals as well as building power teams. Khoa led his team to become a trusted “boot on the ground” partner in Oklahoma. Khoa has used his sharp skills to find different solutions to acquire the properties, maximize investors’ return, and execute the project plan within expected timeline. With a medical background, Khoa has created a rapidly growing medical community, exclusively for pharmacists, that focuses on multifamily investing where he helps many of his fellow pharmacists build up their passive income to achieve financial freedom. Together with his trusted partners and investors, KNN Capital Partner currently owns and operates a total of 170 units.

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