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Your Financial Pharmacist

Dec 9, 2023

Join us as we chat with CPA power duo, Amanda Han and Matt MacFarland from Keystone CPA, Inc. Dive into the tax implications of short-term rentals, explore the benefits of holiday homes, and learn key strategies for maximizing tax benefits in real estate investments. Plus, discover the importance of planning your taxes before year-end.

Episode Summary

In this episode, we explore vacation homes and what they could mean for you and your taxes. We decided to go all-in and dive into the tax implications relating to short-term rentals, and we couldn’t think of a better pair to join us for this conversation than the vastly experienced and widely knowledgeable CPA duo, Amanda Han and Matt MacFarland! Amanda and Matt are the founders and managing directors of Keystone CPA, Inc., a financial advisory firm centered on the tax strategies of real estate investing. Join us as we define “depreciation” and “short-term rental,” compare the tax benefits of short-term and long-term, find out how holiday homes fit into the picture, tell you everything you need to know about material participation, and discuss the benefits of doing your tax planning and research before the end of the year. We also learn about the implications of changing your property from short- to mid- to long-term rentals, and after honing in on the strategies for maximizing tax benefits in investment partnerships, Amanda and Matt still have some tricks up their sleeve as they share more valuable tax-saving advice!

About Today's Guest

Amanda Han & Matt MacFarland are CPAs and tax strategists who specialize in helping people use real estate to save massive amounts in taxes and keep their hard earned money. They help educate investors on how to maximize tax write-offs, legal entity strategies, tax-efficient ways to access profit, how to use 401K money for real estate, and much more.

They are authors of the highly rated book Tax Strategies for the Savvy Real Estate Investor and they have been featured in prominent publications including the Forbes Finance Council,  Money Magazine, Talks at Google,  CNBC’s Smart Money Talk Radio as well as the BiggerPockets podcasts.

Today, Amanda & Matt have helped thousands of investors nationwide to save on taxes with proactive tax planning.

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