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Your Financial Pharmacist

May 19, 2018

On Episode 48 of the Your Financial Pharmacist Podcast we spotlight Dalton Fabian, a soon to be pharmacy graduate from the Drake University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences. We ask Dalton about his current financial situation and help him think through how he and his wife can prioritize multiple competing financial priorities when making the transition from student to new practitioner.

About Our Guest

Dalton Fabian is a soon to be 2018 graduate of Drake University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences. In addition to obtaining a PharmD, Dalton has a minor in Data Analytics. His career interests include health data science and using technology to make patient care more efficient and effective. During his time at Drake University, Dalton was heavily involved in various leadership opportunities focused on advocating for the profession, including serving as the Chapter President for APhA-ASP and planning health fairs for the Des Moines Community.

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